Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drum roll please...... The results of my moms surgery!

Well.... our family has basically been holding our breath for nearly 3 weeks. My moms surgery was on July 16th and just yesterday she received the results of her lumpectomy and full auxiliary dissection of her lymph nodes. The results were actually back a few weeks ago, but since my moms surgeon (who also performed the diverticulitis surgery) was on vacation she decided to wait until he returned to talk directly with him. Additionally, we had our family reunion this past weekend and she didn't want bad news to ruin the trip. 

Without any further ado, here are the results of my mother's surgery:

Dear Family and Friends, I got a phone call from my surgeon that preformed my lumpectomy and lymph node dissection this morning.

His first words were "Mrs. Randall I have good news. About the best news we can hope for. Of the 20 lymph nodes that were removed there was no cancer found. All of the margins from the lumpectomy came back clear."NO CANCER IN MY BODY!

Chemo Therapy was nasty and hard on my body but it did its job and stopped the growth and spreading of cancer.  I am so very thankful for this news. The last 2 1/2 weeks have been uncomfortable physically and mentally. Now I can move on with treatment. I will continue to heal and exercise for the next two weeks before I meet my Radiation Oncologist on August 19

Today I will give all praise to my precious Lord for this wonderful news. Thank you to all for your prayers, encouraging words and support over the last 5 months. I'll keep you informed as I enter the next phase of treatment.

Much Love, Kris

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